Cheevidinte  sound.

Today, when I came home for the weekend leave, I realised I needed the sound of Cheevidu to realise my village is still a village. Its all 3G,jio and blah blah all nowadays. Its tough to still believe my village has all its small small things which make it beautiful.

Even Kumarichechi who comes to my home to help with work in kitchen has an android. I’m not complaining here. I don’t have an opinion that only a certain part of the society can only be updated. But it’s more a sense of something fading away. It makes me sad in a way. For someone who always relished on the pleasant vibrations this village gave, it is obvious to be sad. I know I’m greedy here to be sad. 

There are certain changes which are not in our hands, I believe. The change of a small village where once TV was an amusement to 4G and all are great. But on the other hand, I believe we are losing something. It’s certainly like a love story, where to get something you need to lose something.

I know I need not be so emotional about this topic. But this bloody Cheevidu made me emotional today. But it certainly did remind me of the life it has been and it will be.                  

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