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It was a good day for Kunju Nair. As usual, he finished his work at the field. But unusually he had a drink, though in a small dose. He was gazing at the wide green fields in front of his house. The sunlight fading away gave it a different grounded beauty.

Kunju Nair who was a well-built six feet tall man had not known what fear was. That made him stand tall and respected among his neighbours and other people in the village. He never intervened in other’s business.

He saw his friend Damuar coming towards his house through the paddy fields. The light and the surroundings gave him a picturesque view. They were good friends and spent their evenings talking about everything under the earth. But that day, Damuar seemed to be in a hurry. He came near Kunjar and said, ” Come let’s go to colony. There…

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3 thoughts on “Neeli

  1. nalla rasam undu ee kadha vaayikkaan, but if u don’t feel bad i would like to say one thing about the Kutyathan…’But Kutyathan was emotionless at that time too” when read about the expression of him for the first time before completing the story i was reminded of the expression of Innocent in the movie Midhunam 🙂

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