“I kept believing and dreaming,” Federer said in his post-match interview after his record setting performance. “If you keep believing you can go really far in life.”

I think Federer’s Wimbledon title win tells us the importance of never giving up at any point of time in life. It suits well in the case of growing companies too, I believe. Those words of his will stand true for anyone,anytime for that matter.

fedCompanies grow and after a certain point, become stagnant in most of the cases. Many companies i.e people there give up on their dreams. They suffer a few defeats and things get hard. Then they quit and accept a mediocre version of themselves. They make compromises on their dreams. They stop growing, learning, and working on themselves.

It took Federer five years of hard work to win another Wimbledon. In order to achieve your dreams, you have to keep believing in yourself. It becomes harder and harder after years of losing. But if you can persevere through the hard times, continue to work hard, and keep believing in yourself, anything is truly possible.

Roger Federer proved that yet again by winning his record-setting eighth Wimbledon and becoming the third-oldest male to win a major.

We, members of growing companies may have to face some bad years or days, but we should never give up our passion. We should work towards our goal without focusing on the walls on the way. There will be road-blocks waiting for us but we have to overcome all that.

Federer took a break of 6 months after winning the Australian open and he did not participate in French open. It shows us the importance of proper rest and practice.
He did not go behind all the titles, but focused on some.

What we can learn is he knew what he wanted and he focused on that. He was not affected by the things going around but he solely focused on what he needed. This can be implemented by the growing companies too. We need not go behind all the ” hot-selling” ideas in the market and the noise there.

We should focus on our ideas, skillsets our employees have and how we can improve and go an extra-mile using those. We should not accept people who are not passionate and aggressive. We learn from our mistakes and we move on. That is what greats like Federer did. He teaches us we can reach heights at any point of time if there is “focus”, so can those growing  companies.  Keep focus as ” Sky is the limit”



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