Why I dont believe in first impressions

Was never a big fan of first impressions. I always believe you cant figure  out a person just by being judgmental about that guy in the first meeting. Being judgmental,  I believe is the root cause of a lot of problems.First impression is us being judgemental. 

A person will surely have layers so first impressions dont grant anything.. At least,  when we are planning for a long run

17 thoughts on “Why I dont believe in first impressions

  1. This is true, first impression can be incorrect and being less judgemental is something I have learned as I aged, I gained perspective I suppose as I aged. Thank you for following my blog. Have a great day.

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  2. Agreed! First impressions are very often misleading.

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  3. It’s true first impression cannot be assumed as the best judgement of a person. In this age where people do almost anything to deceive others, first impression certainly cannot be a deciding factor.
    Very well pointed out!

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  4. Too many judge especially on first impressions. You are so right. ❤

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  5. I partially agree: Yes, you should not judge, but I also believe you should trust your instinct. So, if that is telling you to be careful with someone at first glance…well, then don’t turn away immediately, give the person a chance, but with caution 😉
    Kind regards from a neighbor at out globe,

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  6. A long life has taught me the wisdom of your words, but in the case of my first impression of my wife of 47 years, there is at least one enormous exception 🙂

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    1. Haha. I have the same exception too

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  7. They are doorkeepers, which allow or disallow entry into more private space.

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  8. But do we have time and energy to give people a fair chance?

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    1. An angle i hadn’t thought about, but still we should not take chances i believe


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